August 19, 2011

Summer at the Market

Pottery by Off Center Productions. Lana Weed
Very sweet to be selling at the Olympia Farmers Market; we only can sell on Thursdays and Fridays but later may become 4 day venders. Right now this suits us. Amazing sales considering we sit between kale and eggs and oysters. Of course there is glass, raku, fabric and wood as well. Such a pretty setting in summer. There is live music and food booths and loads of people from everywhere.. kind of like a bead show only with better food and more diverse conversations.

Working on booth designs. We have to rethink design due to our always having a different site so set up has to be flexible. We had our best day ever yesterday and we were in the egg person's booth; she was out sick. An occasional customer wanted eggs not

I am loving the venders and customers; this will be very good for me. Our schedule will be make ware  and have students in our studio from November to February; March , we got to Palm Springs and April to Oct we sell at the market. We are adding some Holiday gift shows to the schedule.

As you can see from last post, our studio is all yummy and we can host studio sales and also enjoy some classes with students. Life is good.

I am creating a new line of jewelry called JHT and it will feature mixed media, mostly stones
with some ceramic pieces. I will sell my jewelry at art and craft shows and on line.
More later...


SummersStudio said...

I am so happy you are enjoying your market experience! I did a monthly market before we moved and it was so lovely to see regular faces each month. You really get to know your customers as friends. Your beads as always are wonderful and Lana's pottery is to die for!

Linda Starr said...

You'll just have to make some porcelain eggs to sell to the customers, you have lots of wonderful plans that sound marvelous.

Joan Tucker said...

Thanks, the changes have been good.