August 6, 2011

Orange Studio Inspired by Florence and Lilies

New Studio Remodel
We are finishing the studio; glorious color inspired by trip to Florence and sunset on the Arno and our own lilies in spectacular bloom right now. Lots of tossing and cleaning; next job set up gas kiln in new kiln shed and start firing away. We are so excited about doing reduction at home. I have a jewelry making area and a  crafts closet and oh so much more room. The studio has a throwing corner, a beads corner, a handbuilding table area, tools storage , kiln area where our new oval kiln will got to replace the old girls we have now.
Our Lilies
Throwing Area

The space is joyful and invites the muse to play with us. Cats share the space and they seem happy too. I will post some new shots of the cats in their fancy beds. We also have a glaze area and storage for bisque and finished ware.

Slab Roller


Jewelry Making Desk Area

Storage for glazes

Another View

Bisque Shelves

Lana's Corner for throwing


Marsha Hedrick said...

This is just way too neat and clean. I think it makes my teeth hurt. lol... Must be because you just finished it. I can't imagine it staying this way.

The colors look really great though. Great working space nicely organized.

Joan Tucker said...

Marsha, Different strokes for different folks.. I get all zen and calmy here. lol JT

rockcreekcreations said...

WOW! It looks so roomy and bright! I'm so jealous. LOL

Joan Tucker said...

it;s just a garage, but the orange perks it up.

Linda Starr said...

Oh I love that garagio, so well organized and it will be a pleasure to work in there; I seem to have missed a lot of posts here, so glad I am catching up.