February 12, 2011

Look for new ideas at Off Center Productions..

We left Tucson with bronze pieces, tons of our show neighbor, Joanne Kekowski's matte glass beads and ideas for collaborations using our bronze, black and teal porcelain and stoneware. Yummy combinations. After I return from Palm Springs -the 23rd I will put some of these bundles up on web site shop.

We searched and shopped and talked ourselves silly at the show. Met some kindred spirits who have the same aesthetic and are eager to work together. We will be at The Bead Factory's July Tacoma Show with a line of bundles and some jewelry.Very exciting for us. Many thanks for the old customers who dropped by, the new friends we made, and the venders who have been sharing trade secrets, complaints, and riding out this recession to better days. It is indeed a gypsy encampment. Kim Fox  of Handfast parked next to Ole Grrl and we rode out the freezing weather.In and Out Burger sustained alot of us as did the fabulous SW Mexican food in Tucson.

I missed Tucson last year and regretted it; not getting that shot of energy, art, love and vitality. Looking forward to maybe going next year as a buyer, supporter, visitor and really see everything.

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