February 11, 2011

Home Again Tucson was Great

We made it home to Lacey, WA yesterday. The cats greeted us and they are happy. House was maintained by house sitter and we are sort of unpacked. Had a Netflix waiting so we had movie night with coffee and cats. It felt good to stretch a little and use a real keyboard after the Droid for 3 weeks.I did love having the Droid for the entire trip. It provided maps, emails, facebook access, travel guides, RV information , etc etc. Now I wonder how I lived without one.

I leave for Palm Springs on Sunday for a week of sun with an old friend. Lana is back to work and we  both have long lists to undertake. Gardens to turn, rooms to paint, a trip to Italy, a trip to NY and some minor remodeling. Busy girls. I am grateful for lots to do and travel to keep me from the winter blues.

Tucson was so much fun. The show was great; beady friends were in fine form, our show neighbors were high spirited and supportive. We stayed in a funky RV place which was friendly and cheap. Our friend Kim was parked right next to us and we weathered the cold together. We had dinner with our friend Sara and her mom from C Koop and had  a lovely chat in the heated restaurant patio. Temperatures dipped to 17 and water pipes froze and people ran out of propane. We had an impromptu breakfast at the Waffle House and met some characters out of Jack Kerouac.Saw  Andrew Thornton and his blogging world co-workshop leader Kate McKinnon- the Atomic Ranch is charming and filled with hospitality.Many beaders, customers, and friends dropped by at our booth and that is what makes Tucson worth it.

I took tons of photos on the Droid at 70 miles an hour- lol and also took some fine photographs with my new Olympus Pen EPL1. I particularly love the way the camera deals with color.

I will be downloading photos today after I clean the RV and finish laundry.I will post them here later.

Thanks to those of you who came along for the ride to Tucson in Ole Grrl and let us know we were 
being followed. Also those who followed on Beads of Clay.

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Anne said...

I loved reading this! I'm glad you had such a great time.