March 23, 2010

Old reply to copying discussion with Beth at Hint

This was a great discussion starter. My two cents are it is all true. When you see a piece exactly like yours you cringe and there are feelings. When you make something you think is fully yours and you see another you gasp ..will they think I copied... and then there are corporate giants truly ripping off our colleagues lock stock and barrel. that is another issue. Under it all is the craft, the joy, the doing,,, yes we get irritated but do we need to create more than we need to worry?/ I think our collective need to be in a studio or at the bench or easel is the true reward and . we are tapping into a vast universe of images, symbols and feelings and we can not be un-influenced by our human connectedness. As my 5 year son said years ago visiting a small German village.. "oh mom I've been here before" . Ahhhh yes I will keep making and sputtering and learning and delighting myself with clay and other art forms. Gratitude for my eyes, hands, heart and head and the ability to discern. Keep on Keep on Joan Tucker
hint said...
Joan, what a powerful memory of your son!! That totally sums up our human connectedness experience. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and joining in the discussion :)

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Linda Starr said...

I used to think the same thing many times as a child, "I think I've been here before, or I remember this?" I recently made a platter with alphabet pasta and for the life of me I can't remember where I saw the idea, but I know it was used by another potter and I wanted to give them credit. Some inspirations from nature are done repeatedly like faux bois, leaves, birds, etc. not sure where the copying ends and the uniqueness begins.