February 23, 2009

When short February's done...

February is the cruelest month for me. In Washington it is still not spring , not winter, not sunny. It is a place for Valentine's Day to happen. 

I get all sleepy and edgy, yearning for spring. Not a cold freeze your buns off spring but a glorious green buds, daffodils, lilacs spring. A leap of faith- a rebirth. 

In Germany there were May Poles with ceremonies dating back to before recored history.In Poland girls made violet posies and baskets.

 In New England where I grew up, spring was an euphoric time. After all that snow, the sun and bits of grass and tulips.. I remember going to a Girl Scout camp and sunning on the pine needle carpets with piles of snow still remaining. 

I get a jolt of creativity once the first warm days arrive. Our little sparrows and wrens were out apartment shopping today. A good sign. The male goes in the birdhouse first then he invites the female.. she checks out the colors and the kitchen then they twitter for awhile. Wow. Bring it on!!!

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Linda Starr said...

Hi Joan, then they twitter for a while, te he, great line. For some reason I can't see the photos on your post, don't know if it is my computer or not.

Hey I just did my first barrel firing and it was so much fun, but created so much smoke; I even put a few pendants in there. Hope Spring heads your way soon.