February 15, 2009

Home from Tucson

We just returned from the big trek to Tucson We drove through the desert; stopped in Quartzite, We also went to Napa;bought a bottle of exquisite port to save for our 35th anniversary-in ten years. Had a blast in Second Hall at Best Bead with all the wonderful welcoming people. Met tons of new customers. Saw Kelly, Lisa Kan, Marsha Minutella, Karen DeSouza, Marsha H and Vlad; had dinner with Sue and Donna and also with Sara and her mom from C Koop.

We are home shaking off the road dirt. The Beadmobile was great; had a tire problem which we fixed in Cresant City.I will write more later and put up some pictures.Cats are very needy right now. Some of our computers died; we are working on fix.


Linda Starr said...

poor little kittens, give em love.

Joan Tucker said...

they had tv, a cat sitter and the whole house..we had it rougher lol joan t

Joan Tucker said...
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