December 13, 2008

Waiting for the Solstice

In Washington, things are very cold; an unusual deep freeze. snow in the mountains.

My daughters are making their annual cookies this year and up on the mountain there is 8 " of snow.

We are making cards,, cookies, putting up the tree, outside lights etc. My neighbors are definitely not the Kranks. The loop is all lit up. Old suburban fun. We put some white lights up and have in past years really gone mad with white lights in the huge oak but this year more subtle.We have lost friends and family this year and many have lost jobs and businesses are slow.

We are hunkered down with simple things: hot cider, German cookies, white chocolate; gluevein,
baked chickens with lemons and lots of spicy smells. Making jewelry for presents.

I have been thinking of the many family and friends who have brought magic into my life. Mary Lee, Steve, Chris H, Mona, Aunts from New Jersey, Uncle Nick, Mrs Green, my mom, Moki, Patti and Jim, Maloney, to all of them love and holidays peaceful wishes.

I love this necklace that Norma Dalton made with our early porcelain; it reminds me of winter and solstice. Happy Holidays to all!


Robyn said...

Beautiful necklace! I'm enjoying all your snowy photographs. (Love the cats looking through the window). The last few days here in S Africa have been hell with the heat and humidity.

Joan Tucker said...

Robyn, from a snowy and today.. wet Washington to South Africa,, Merry Christmas. Joan T