December 14, 2008

Sign of the Holidays at our House

Every year before Christmas, we get some of these mushrooms in our yard. In Germany they use this image in lots of decorations, carvings and toys. For us it signals, Christmas is coming!!!


Marsha Neal Studio said...

Wow - it's so cool that you get THESE in your front yard! How wonderful!!! For me I get Jack in the Pulpit here in our thin wooded area in April. It's my sign that winter is done with us and spring is upon us.

What wonderful things are around if we take the time to observe!!!

Thanks Joan & Lana for the picture!

Joan Tucker said...

Marsha, this morning we went to white; snow; a really big deal in WA; everything shut down; cookies and photos and walks.. so sweet.
Some folks do have to go to work.. not easy with our hills and lack of snow removal trunks.

But for us photo opportunity; Lana is out snapping away.Sweet little mushrooms probably frozen by now.
Enjoy holiday with joys of little one. MS Elf!!!
JT and Lana