July 15, 2008

Our cab and Norma Dalton's work in Bead Unique


See Bead Unique Gallery for nice photo of necklace by our wonderful friend Norma Dalton who used our face cabochon.


lisa peters ART said...

How exciting!
Bead Unique!

Joan Tucker said...

Lisa. Thanks; we love to see our designer friends get notices and it also supports our shows. Joan T

Lisa gatz said...

I love that necklace in Beads Unique! I was curious, where did you find those long glass leaves?


\ said...

Lisa, Thanks for feedback; I will ask Norma where she found the long leaves; usually I find treasures at shows and give Norma the beads and goodies for her to use in the necklaces creations.However the leaves are her find. Joan T

Melissa said...

Very, very cool!