November 12, 2013

Elise Wagner Workshop with Lisa Pressman

Elise Wagner in her studio

Lisa Pressman in Portland at Elise's studio

I returned last night from 4 days in Portland with Elise Wagner and LIsa Pressman. It was a very inspiring and informative painting workshop with emphasis on mark making and encaustic. Lots of exposure to mark making, instruction on proper us of wax and heat, explored color issues, discussed pigment information, had a visit to Gamblin Paints and witnessed a print demonstration at Jane Pagliarulo's Atelier. I highly encourage you to seek out events and classes with these two artists.

Words that describe workshop experience:

Delicious, intimate, empowering, fun, sensuous, colorful, dynamic, flowing, story-ful, rich, tapestry-like, collaborative. 

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