June 26, 2012


new perennial garden
Summer is full on; a little chilly but very green. We have been eating our greens for weeks and the strawberries are pink and might be ready for the 4th. The new perennial garden is superb- Martha Stewart -like. My wild area is dense with sweet woodruff, irises, bee bush, mock orange, periwinkle all massed together. The raspberry row is about 8 feet high and bursting with berries not yet ready to pick. All my raspberries came from one volunteer shoot from a neighbor. They are prolific.

our "bee bush"
Raspberries in background.

Studio work continues; 12 shrines are newly bisqued; test tiles for Georgie's pigments and glazes are ready. I have fired two kiln loads and have another one ready. We are making talismans, cabochons, pendants, beads, sushi trays etc. Very varied and much fun.

I ordered for the first time some underglazes and will work with them on greenware to expand our colors and styles. We also have many more of our itty bitty bowls.

We should be ready for the Tacoma Bead Factory Show.

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