May 28, 2012

More on the Raku kiln

Built the base for the Raku kiln yesterday and assembled the wire frame for the hood.. lots of poked fingers and irritation; made the ceramic buttons to hold on the ceramic fiber. Decided not to use the ceramic fiber we had purchased and ordered super wool which has a better safety rating for breathing in particles.

It should be done within two weeks we are still on schedule. We also will be finishing the inside roof of new kiln shed so we can do reduction here at home. Very exciting prospect.

The studio has more and more potential. I am stuck with what steps we should take for additional selling opportunities. Currently we do a few shows, sell on line, sell at Farmers Market and also Holiday shows. I need to balance that schedule and insure we can move out the many pieces we are making. No room for storage.

Still thinking about Tucson next February. Anyone want to share a booth.Today will be a lazy day. maybe glazing cone 6 for oxidation fire. Making some more wall hangings and shrines.

This is the time of peonies.. ah yes

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