April 1, 2012


New Kiln; traded in ole grrl and little grrl and now have new grrl. We will fire today with Sam Scott clay
 and a turquoise glaze we love. Have to sort van for Market Day on Thursday.

Aware that Judith is closing out the condo in Palm Springs. This makes me sad. I wish I could have one more swim. So very very wet here. It is hard to keep one's spirits up. I will be starting my walking regimen rain or no rain. I am planning on short walks leading to long walks with my jogger's baby stroller as a steadying device.

I will carry jacket, water and my purse and a blanket. It will look like I am being a nanny. So what, I find I can walk much farther with the support of the handle of the vehicle.

Started low low carb diet to help with diabetes. What a shock to system. It will be hard to maintain. I am pretty determined.


SummersStudio said...

Oh, oh, oh, a new kiln. That's a bit of a good treat. I'm on a new walking regimen myself and I'm feeling good with it. I don't like watching the carbs either. Quite shocking to the system but I one must do what one must. Best of luck with all of the new healthy changes. I wish I could send you some of our sunshine.

Joan Tucker said...

Summers Studio.. hope you are enjoying spring and staying strong. Your bronze charms are so very very nice. JT

mokihana said...

Good vibes to you JT on your walking progress, the baby stroller is great. I had one back in Kuliouou and it works wonders for all sorts of reasons. Low, low carb hmmm... I'm shifting gears too. Low carbs or something else. Retraining one path at atime.

Supporting you from the woods, Moki

mokihana said...

Go Joan!