December 27, 2011


I will be in Tucson Feb 1-6; not doing Best Bead but doing the shows with my daughter Kim.
She came to help at our very first show To Bead True Blue.

Lana and I are moving on to continue to sell pots at the Olympia Farmers Market. We are also selling finished jewelry as well as some beads locally and on line in 2012. Kim and I are taking an enameling class and looking at some collaborations.

Let me know if you will be in Tucson and want to have dinner etc. Contact me through Facebook or leave a message here.

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Marsha of Marsha Neal Studio said...

I can't wait to get back out to Tucson one day (with little ones - if they are interested - in tow)...

Have a great time! If you gals come back east keep me posted - would love to meet up (we're only a few hours drive from NY)...