June 13, 2011

What's New

Busy girls this summer. Completed some remodeling, working at the market selling beads and pots, getting ready for my sister's arrival. Grandson visiting.

What's next is a major and I mean major remodel/reorg  of studio. It will be transformed. I know it can be done I know it can be done. Big messy complex job. We want to make more open space so we can have students and also sales here in our own space. I see a jewelry making corner and a glazing area and a hand building area and Lana's wheel corner. Also we have cat perches. And then the  general arts and crafts materials storage.Lots to fit into one big double garage. I have shelves and we have tables etc. It is a questions of letting go of the non essentials and trimming back on some supplies; also storing some materials in our new kiln shed. Wish us luck. Not a pretty task.

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Andrew Thornton said...

I don't envy you this task! I'm always in the middle of making the studio a more usable space. It seems like I'll never be finished. But those rare moments when things are all nice and neat and where they should be... that's bliss. Working in a good space increases productivity ten-fold and makes that working a real pleasure.

Good luck!