June 22, 2011

Change Change Change

We are slowly adjusting to selling pottery and beads at The Olympia Farmers' Market. It is different from the shows we have been doing for 6 years; nice to be in between farmers and the lavender lady and oly kraut. You have to set up every day and take down every afternoon. You are not sure of having a space
until the day of the market. We are inside and a big table is provided. We are super quick at set up and take down so that is not a problem. We are discovering what these new customers want from us. Lots of textile artists want buttons and they love the small bowls. We plan to make tiles, magnets, chimes and bells in August. The holidays will require gift packages, tree ornaments, small kits for bracelets and other little gift items. I will make my little dolls and faces and maybe some paperweights.

It has been fun and we hope to one day move to become 4 day a week vendors. There is a steady stream of people and lots of compliments on our work. Change is good. We will be at The Tacoma Bead Factory Bead Show on July 8,9, 10.

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Barbara Lewis said...

It sounds great, Joan ... getting all of that good local recognition for a customer base. Your plan sounds solid! Hope you and Lana are well. :-)