May 20, 2010

What's up with us?

So what the heck are we doing these days you ask? Well interesting enough lots of work getting done. We prepare for The Bead Factory"s Tacoma show in summer and a big Fall show in Bellevue WA.

We have been on a design trip at our studio; making adjustments to our line and looking  into the future as to what we will make and hopefully sell. We are making objects that we think are fun and intriguing.

Lana is firing reduction so she is happy and her work is very beautiful. I am sketching and thinking about new directions, still connected to the world of beads but slightly well.... off center.

Look for tiles, shrines, bells, pots, bowls, platters, garden art and  new directions. It has been fun and Lana is doing most of the studio work right now. We are also making a plan  for the studio remodel and a new entrance so we can have students work here.

In the midst of all that we have been traveling in our RV and exploring the Northwest

Look for us at the July Tacoma Bead Festival- we will bring a few pieces of the other work as well as tons of porcelain and stoneware beads and pendants.


TesoriTrovati said...

Thanks for the glimpse, Joan! I love that you are slightly off center...maybe the door to the studio should be too?
Enjoy the day!

Joan Tucker said...
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Joan Tucker said...

We are going to paint the side door and make the entry inviting to guests. We will paint the interior of the studio marigold and maybe the door red. Generally tarting up the whole studio to declare we are serious about students and selling here. Wow. Maybe classes.

Melissa Lovejoy Goldman said...

Oooh - I can't wait to see you both in July! I missed you at the last show; it will feel so much more like a Northwest Bead Festivals show to have you back!

Joan Tucker said...

Melissa, we are happy to be able to attend two shows and also that you will be taking over.. good for you. JT

Linda Starr said...

Oh stay off center for sure and reorganizing and classes that's a good thing, I am hoping to do the same in the future, classes that is, tart it up with marigold and red, te he.