April 10, 2010

Update Gardening Blitz

I have been absent from the blog since we have been consumed with garden work. We had to fix furnace, plumbing , remove trees etc after a pest infestation and after suffering through that mess we are on to more wonderful projects.

I regraveled all the front  paths; removed old perennials( they went to my daughter) rebarked all the front gardens. In back we have new stone walls around vegetable garden , new overhang shed off  storage shed, new paths, trimming , hauling etc. New soil for garden almost in, moved strawberries etc etc etc. Much hard work. Still need to replant strawberries; redo herb garden and take out the old pond.

Lana is still making boxes and pots, but I have put pendnats on hold while I supervise all the garden stuff. We want a more maintenance free landscape so we can travel more.


SummersStudio said...

Oh, I do wish you all could come and give me a hand. This is so much work you've done. And I totally agree with working towards low, no maintenance is the way to go. Please do show more pics as you go along. I love seeing peoples gardens.

Joan Tucker said...

I have a new peony bed with about 20 peonies; we have raspberries and blueberries.. and the strawberries are getting moved. We have tons of bulbs and day lilies an some Asiatics.
I am trying to move away from my crazed perennial gardening since i cannot kneel anymore with my knee replacements.We do not have grass just gardens and paths. Lots of trees. JT

Linda Starr said...

I'm thinking of a few raised beds for some herbs and a few vegetables, hopefully i can get some in soon. I know all that you are doing is a whole lot of work, but in the end you'll be glad, take er easy.

Anne said...

It looks great, you have really accomplished a lot. How nice that you'll get to enjoy it this summer, when you aren't traveling. Something to come home to.