February 4, 2010

Kiln Opening


Marsha Neal Studio said...

There is something that speaks to me in the image on that third piece. The glazes are quite rich too... I wonder if on some of the work (being inspired by such old objects) should have the glaze applied then sponged off of some areas leaving a bit more for the eye to see in the glaze and clay relationship part of the piece. I think I've seen you do this on some other pieces with much success.
Just a thought...

I miss being able to look at all your bead treasures at shows! I could spend hours with them all... Well done Joan!

Joan Tucker said...

Marsha, Thanks for comments; I really value your opinion . I have made hundreds of pieces. Lana has made the doors and I glaze them.I have done rustic antiqued finishes on some; I was drawing away from the old glazing on antiquities because believe it or not many designers want more glaze and smoother surfaces. I am doing the dance of experimenting until I find what works. We are also adding glass on some.

I am using matte glazes, stains and engobes as well,it is soo much fun to go down a new path. Great way to not make any money but soo much creative fun.

Tell Darlene I would be happy to add a batch to her stash for her shows.On consignment basis.

Hope you still are making beautiful pieces. It is time for you to break out and make some of your visionary pieces you carry around in your head. Jt