June 21, 2009


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We are working on daughter's new house; lots of renovation . Parked Ole Grrl the new Rv out at the house as the base camp for renovation.

We are also prepping for my knee replacement which is coming up and last but not least we are lining things up for Northwest Bead Factory Show in July

We will have lots of pretty porcelain baskets and faces, We also will have some mixed media
focals. I am having fun with metals.

Have a necklace in Creative Jewelry and also Step by Step September edition and maybe a basket in a wonderful design by Jeni Cottrell in Bead Unique.

Going to NY in September for a couple of weeks. So looking forward to it. Hope to see Ellen, my sisters, the Rhinebeck clan, and maybe some other beady friends.


Linda Starr said...

Wow, what a great summer. Mixed media too - can't wait to see.

Linda Starr said...

Hi Joan, I looked at Chris's website, what a wealth of information that was, thanks so much for taking the time to turn me on to it. Learned about paper clay too. I have always wanted to try it for hand building and I just might try it one of these days, seems like I am trying everything else might as well try that too.

Boy oh boy all that publication you are getting, that is so great. Good luck with the knee replacement, ugh, I guess it is necessary.

hint said...

Oh you do sound busy! And a knee replacement...hope you have some awesome care during the process and post-op.

Congrats on the necklace being published :)