March 13, 2009

Getting Ready for Camping

Lana and I love the Beadmobile -our Ford Conversion Van although it lacks a kitchen and a few amenities. We love the open space.. we took the seats out. We have a porta potty and an extra foam bed and food etc. We will hook up to electricity in most cases. We have traveled over 20,000 miles in it already but have not camped. we use it as a traveling studio /office/ refuge.
It is comfortable and roomy. We carry show stuff on the rear rack.

This spring and summer we are planning to camp. I have added a chest to hold food, plates and appliances. We also have a propane stove.

We hope to camp at the coast, in the mountains, and at the beach. We want to go to Tofino on Vancouver Island. There are such an abundance of beautiful camping places in easy reach of Lacey. We already have camped at Hood Canal and Westport.

We want to try out this small size camping arrangement so we can evaluate what next. When we have more time, would we get a mini trailer and tow it or would we get a more contained van conversion.

Lana and I bonded 25 years ago in a van and we still get a kick out of blasting down the freeway all tucked in our van with our music on.

May have to take the cats on longer trips in the future. Have to figure that out.

For now, I am having fun planning the trips and organizing . Lana is the driver and for once I give over and enjoy being the passenger. It's all good!! Happy Trails!


Linda Starr said...

We had a old dodge van, 72 I think, it had a bed, stove, fridge and a porta potty in back and it had a solid high roof with clerestory windows, it was about the color of your blog background color maybe a little more mustard - it was cool, we've had them all, airstream, motorhome, cabover camper, trailer, tent, back of the wagon, happy camping.

Andrew Thornton said...

Oh, I wish I could go along! Camping sounds like a lot of fun. Seeing new sights and enjoying nature sounds like bliss!

Joan Tucker said...

Andrew, you would be a fun camper; noticing
everything; reflecting; being joyful... I hope you find camping kind of moments in the city and in NC.

Lana and I are celebrating 25 years together and we love riding with the truckers.. in the middle of the night.. stopping in strange places.. meeting all kinds of people.. we also like the ocean for windy camping and wandering in little towns.

We have explored most of Oahu, Maui and Big island also loving the little finds.. the plate lunch, the handwoven bag, the occasional lei being sold by the side of the road, the wild chickens, sitting for a full day on a remote beach and only moving for food and pit stops. Oh the joys of nature and
travel. I could stay on the road for a year at a time
as long as a had a home port to anchor my spirit.

Stay well, Joan T