February 27, 2009

My Muse

I am in a funk. One day I get out of it and then the next day back into it. I feel like I lost my Muse. Hey girl, where the heck are you?

For all of you weather sensitive folks, you know the feeling. I feel like I am on hold.. waiting for the sun. This is at best an insane concept in Washington.. one could wait forever.

Maybe blaming the lack of sun and warmth is an excuse for some mental lethargy which has settled in. I need to wake up and get on with it.

Have tons to do. I need to make new porcelain baskets

as we are sold out. I need to finish several necklaces. I need to make more pieces for Tacoma Show. I have to order tools and supplies for Artfest. Also need to make more trades for Artfest. We are newbies so we are full of anticpation re the event.

Off to sort new beads and bring in some clay to be warmed up.

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Robyn said...

You hanker for the sun and I dread the Spring and Summer sun. Autumn and Winter sun on the otherhand is bliss here in S Africa. With Autumn making an appearance at last I can feel that I'm coming out of my funk. Hope yours doesn't last too long!