November 13, 2008

Back from BABE

Well we braved winds and rain in the Beadmobile and have returned to WA from BABE in Oakland. We stayed with wonderful Boogie Dog Glass and had a blast. Great dog love at that house!!!

Hung out in boothdom with Judy Mountain and Wayne Robbins.. great discussions and many laughs. Also in our area was Vicki Cedarquist.. more stories and great fun.

I believe at some level -all we have are our stories; that ebbing and flowing and merging of lives and the tales that we tell to attempt to describe the journey.

Also met Anne Michell and are considering her Tucson Class in fine silver. The silver seems to be a perfect match for adding to the possibilities of our porcelain.

All in all, a fine trip; saw SF friends for dinner and had hugs and quick visits with other vendor friends. Especially send thanks to Connie and Dean at Two Cranes for the "ring" wow!!!!

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