October 15, 2008

Check out new Bead Unique to see Norma Dalton's Brooch made with our porcelain face.


maryharding said...

Joan your Michelle Mack's necklace with your pendant is beautiful. Also I saw BeadUnique yesterday and found the photo of Norma Dalton's Broach made with your porcelain face. Beautiful. Congratulations on these publications.

Joan Tucker said...

Mary, Thanks for feedback. My "thanks" to Michelle was for posting the necklace on her blog- Beading Daily; I made the necklace that was featured. She has however made a necklace with one of our pieces that will be in a later magazine.

Mary, we keep trying to get our work "out there"; tough process but I think worth it.
You seem very multi- skilled with teaching etc. I hope you continue to love what you do.

Also congrats on Australian Beading
article. Love that Lisa Kan, Joan T