February 15, 2008

Home from Tucson

We are back from Tucson. It is bittersweet. Great to see the cats and familiar surroundings but already miss the pink on the mountains behind the condo in Sabino Canyon. Fell in love this time with sun, the quail, the bunnies and most of all the light. Vitamin D is short in the gray Northwest.

Always will be grateful to Veryl in Las Cruces for hospitality and Sue and Donna for taking us in and allowing us to enjoy the beauty of the Southwest.

We drove first to Sacramento through the bad weather and finally saw Mark in Tucson. Arrived in Pasadena late and finally found parking for Beadmobile and set up show. Stayed in Hilton. Met tons of people.

Enjoyed meeting Teresa from Walla Walla and her beautiful pearl jewelry. Also enjoyed meeting Kim Fox who makes exquite pieces. The girls at Clasp on Clasp Off were in their usual high spirits and we were inspired by their energy. Met the silk cord people at Class Act.. really love their hand dyed work. Sara at C Koop was there from Duluth and her mother from Lake Havasu. Her enamel as always was remarkable. The Toners from Dancing Turle also had their terrific booth with the quality necklaces and pendants.

Marsha Hedrick and Vlad from Bulgaria were there and fun as always. The show was jam packed with beautiful things mostly artisan made.Had a great dinner with Lisa Kan and her husband and friends.

We drove to Las Cruces though cold weather and rain and wow!!! scenery then back to Tucson . Settling in condo and meeting up with Ellen Mankhen from NY who worked at To Bead True Blue with us all week. Want to thank Dawn Calkins from Murana for helping out at Best Bead all week.. what a doll! Will write more later. ........

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