September 17, 2007

Bead Gypsies

We are back from longggg trip to Tucson and Best Bead Show and NW Bead Society Show in Lynnwood.
We drove 3500 miles in the Beadmobile and went from 114 degrees in Phoneix to 49 in WA. The sunrise over Phoenix was awesome as was the red setting sun through the redwoods in California. We stayed a couple of days in Morro Bay and saw sea otters.
There were so many kind people and pretty sights. Did well at Best Bead Show; folks like our new Artifacts line. Saw our friend Kelly Russell and met Sara from Duluth and other zanies who made the show a hoot. We reconnected with Pam Liddil and met her husband. Saw folks from other shows and met some new bead friends.

We had to race back to WA to set up for Northwest Bead Society Show and made it. A few cramped muscles and sore backs. The show was very well done and location great.
Kudos to planners. Saw old colleagues from Everett and Edmonds Community College; also got some new Norma Dalton Necklaces. WOW!!! Pleasure to see Red Garnet Bead and Button there.We displayed some of Ellen Mahnken's necklaces and folks were knocked out with their beauty and skill.

Highlight of Tucson was seeing Carol Saker and reception for Beads of Courage, a program helping kids with cancer and other terrible illnesses. Check it out on line and give to them -so worthy a cause.

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