April 12, 2007

Feedback and comments on our work...

"Excellent. They are fabulous." ksg

"Our customers love making jewelry with your beautiful handcrafted and glazed pendants. They love choosing from all the different detailed designs and unique colors. The also love the fact that each pendant is a one-of-a kind piece of art. Simply irresistible!" Jeneen Szuch, Red Garnet Button and Bead, Montlake Terrace,WA

"Joan's beads and pendants are earthy and colorful. They have an earthmother quality that evokes kindness and generosity of spirit..." v

"Beautiful." rm

" The finish on this is beautiful. It has so much depth that
I has trouble telling that it's not stone. " ms

"Off Center Productions offers an excellant array of fine porcelain pieces." a

"Wow, very prettty." d58

"Ooo , love the shape, texture and colors, bellisimo." fv

"It is wonderful to work with Joan. Her enthusiasm for her work is contagious. It is obvious that she loves what she is doing. The pieces I have purchased from her are well made and the designs are truly unique. My jewelry, made with her pendants, is selling well." Pam Liddil, Tucson Beadbabes

"Your work is lovely." bj

" Lana's bowls are so magical; I have some in the garden and the flowers are more beautiful for sharing the space with them." rr

"These are fab and the colors are a dream." g

"Love the meditative expressions." bj

"Wonderful piece." mc

"Very creative, love this one." c

" Beautiful like all your unique beads." v

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