August 4, 2006

about us

We are Joan Tucker and Lana Weed, potters and designers at Off Center Productions

“A wild patience has taken me this far” from an Adrienne Rich poem decribes the formation of Off Center Productions. We have toyed with a studio on and off for many years. We both pursued active professional careers in Seattle. Lana also studied pottery and worked as a studio potter at Pottery Northwest. Finally after wandering like gypsies and sorting out a lifetime of dreams put on hold, we have established a pottery studio, Off Center Productions in Lacey, Washington.
Lana is an Aries, loving the fire; a seasoned potter; professional in her process and pursuit of magical porcelain vessels, bowls, and boxes. She calls her bowls-“mother bowls” with all their potential to hold and contain spiritual energy. Lana’s “dream boxes” are just that-repositories for dreamscapes, treasures, and secrets. Her goal is to create the thinnest, most beautiful vessels- so transparent it seems impossible that they were shaped by human hands. To experience such a bowl coming out of the kiln is to experience magic and skill!

Joan is a Taurus- all messy and loving the clay process. She loves the earthly feeling of Grolleg clay. She values the potential of the porcelain as she shapes her mythical sculptures. Joan loves to research archeological symbols and ancient sites where pottery was made by women honoring the earth. She loves the glaze process;-making the clay sing with its glass coating. She creates pendants and beads for jewelry makers which will become focal points in their work.

Kramer is our studio cat. A feral rescue, he is king of the glazing surfaces and greenware racks. Sometimes his paw prints are found on just rolled slabs. Smokie a found cat maintains control over the yard and garden -keeping opossums, raccoons, and lately wild bunnies at bay.

The owners of Off Center Productions anticipate many years of productive work and look forward to more raku events and pit firing at rural sites.

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